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Bread Across Borders
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Bread Across Borders
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We collect surplus food from stores & farms and redistribute to the working-class communities of Charlottesville – to a variety of low-income members of the Charlottesville community, to immigrant communities (Middle Eastern, African, Latin American), and also, to elders and folks with disabilities. Currently, we serve 15 - 20 families each week, we hope to increase the no. to 50 this year. We plan to have a member of a community deliver food to a different community in town, hence, breaking down barriers and borders in our local community.

We meet every Sunday , rain or shine, to sort through donations. The sorting usually starts between 11:45 am and 12:00 pm and can go until 1:30pm or so. After items are sorted into boxes , we deliver the food directly to different families, who in turn distribute items to people on their blocks /in their communities.

To break down borders and build bridges between different communities by sharing food.

Goal: Increase the number of families we deliver food to, involve members of each community to participate in the food distro and therefore create more exposure to different cultures.

Bread Across Borders is an all-volunteers organization that started in 2020 during the lockdown with the delivery model - of distributing bread to different families. It has grown to include produce, eggs, meats, etc. We take the boxes directly to families and they take the food and distribute the items within their own communities.

Food is a basic human need and right. This project is important in so many ways. The USDA estimated that each year in the United States 30-40 percent of food is wasted. This is hundreds of billions of pounds of food per year, while more than 34 million people in this country - including 9 million children -struggle with food insecurity. The pandemic has increased food insecurity. What is more, the methane resulting from rotting food in landfills contributes to our global warming catastrophe.

We are part of the growing movement to reverse this situation! We can really use your help in turning this around in our own backyard-here in Charlottesville.