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Volunteer Online: Help Ukrainians Learn English



ENGin is helping a generation of young Ukrainians improve their spoken English and intercultural skills, making an impact on both an individual and a national level. * On an individual level, we equip students to access academic and professional opportunities. * On a national level, we connect Ukraine with the world, spurring economic growth and social progress.

ENGin is looking for volunteers to serve as conversation partners for Ukrainian youth. This is a flexible and unique opportunity to make a difference without leaving your room. Plus, you'll make a friend across the world!

Here's how it works: we'll pair you up with a Ukrainian student to video chat each week at times that are convenient for you. We match students and volunteers based on interests and schedules. All of our students have a basic knowledge of English, and we also provide training and detailed session plans for you to use. The commitment starts at 1 hour/week.

To start volunteering with us, please sign up at app.enginprogram.org

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