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Virtual Volunteer with Seniors

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Conversations to Remember is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated towards combating loneliness and isolation felt by senior citizens. Our virtual visit program matches 2-3 college students with residents of long-term care, assisted living, and memory care communities for virtual video visits. This opportunity is open to all undergraduate college students from all majors. Our program is completely remote, and works nationally across the United States. Meeting with our volunteers on a weekly basis allows them to have the opportunity to talk to someone consistently and bond with someone outside of their community. Our program being remote gives us the opportunity to reach out to seniors who may already be isolated from their communities, and who are the most likely to be suffering from loneliness.

Students typically volunteer 1-2 hours a week, but are welcome to volunteer more hours if they wish. Once students register to volunteer through our website, someone from our program will reach out to them and schedule an orientation and training sessions. These training sessions allow the students to practice and get comfortable with the way a typical virtual visit will go. Once a student successfully completes the training sessions, they will be matched with 1-2 other students and a senior. Students are never expected to work alone; there will always be at least two students on a call with a senior. Our visits are weekly, and always with the same students and senior. Even if the senior doesn't remember the students from week to week, they still become familiar with them, and they still are happy for the time that the student can spend with them. We do expect students to commit to volunteering for about 16 weeks, so that they can build a friendship with the senior. We also offer different ways to volunteer for students, such as marketing, call support, or social media assistance.

To register to volunteer in our program, students can visit https://conversationstoremember.org/volunteer/ and fill out our volunteer interest form. Any questions or concerns can also be emailed to: info@conversationstoremember.org

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Conversations to Remember
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Robert Lefkowitz