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The Public Service Programming Board

The Public Service Programming Board is no longer accepting applications.

Your project or initiative may be eligible for other sources of funding. Check https://studentaffairs.virginia.edu/funding/other for more information.

What is the PSPB?

Supported by the Office of the Dean of Students, the Public Service Programming Board (PSPB) funds the development and implementation of student-run programming promoting public service, civic engagement, and service learning at the University of Virginia. The PSPB consists of the Assistant Director for Public Service and appointed student representatives from each of the following groups: Student Council Service Committee, Jefferson Public Citizens, Madison House, and Alpha Phi Omega. The PSPB meets weekly to review funding requests.

What is Public Service Programming?

The PSPB defines public service programming as civic projects, events, or initiatives that support mutually beneficial partnerships with institutions, community constituents, and the environment.

What are the Objectives of the PSPB?

  • Empower students to undertake innovative public service programming with community partners
  • Allow students to better assess and meet the needs of their communities
  • Develop ethical servant leaders
  • Support the pursuit of lasting, high-impact experiential learning through community engagement

Do I Need a Co-Sponsor or Community Partner?

The PSPB strongly encourages but does not require co-sponsors or community partners for proposed initiatives. However, proposals incorporating joint sponsorships and community partners are more likely to receive funding.