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The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, and activism. Students self-select the public service category through the student organization registration process, and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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ONE Campaign Chapter at the University of Virginia

TheONE Campaign at the University of Virginia, we are a grassroots campaign formed with the advocacy mission of eradicating hunger, poverty and preventable disease in Africa. ONE is strictly an unaffiliated, nonpartisan advocacy and our chapter will run under those guidelines. Cofounded by Bono, the ONE campaign is backed by over 2 million members. As the campus chapter of ONE at UVA, we... More.

One in Four

One in Four is an all-male sexual assault peer education group at U.Va. We present a one-hour program, "How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor: What Men Can Do," to any group of men who will listen -- sports teams, residence hall students, student organizations, fraternities, off campus groups -- anyone. We also perform for coed audiences from time to time under special circumstances.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that sends groups of doctors to developing countries to perform free surgeries on children who have cleft palettes and cleft lips. Here at UVA we raise money and awareness for the organization, primarily through our fall fundraiser called S'mores for Smiles where we give out free S'mores to children during Trick or Treat on the Lawn and collect... More.

Operation Warm at U.Va.

Operation Warm at U.Va. seeks to provide winter coats to underprivileged children in the Charlottesville area through cooperation with the national non-profit Operation Warm, Inc.

Organization of African Students

The Organization of African Students welcomes EVERYONE who has an interest in or love for Africa. We strive to bring together those who share similar experiences and those who are looking for new experiences, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for Africans at the university, while also embracing non-Africans who are interested in learning about the continent or being a part of... More.