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The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, and activism. Students self-select the public service category through the student organization registration process, and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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Lambda Phi Epsilon (Associate Chapter)

Lambda Phi Epsilon continues to establish and perpetuate Brotherhood and fellowship among its members. Part of that brotherhood is expressed in our motto "To Be Leaders Among Men." We not only seek to bring together a diverse group of men who share interest, concern, backgrounds and culture, but who believe that the strength of many are forged into the power of being one. Grounded on the... More.

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. (Gamma Alpha Chapter)

Mission: The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha shall be to provide a sisterhood based on Unity, Love, & Respect. To develop strong Leaders who will then provide and practice political, social and cultural activities. To promote minority Unity through charitable and educational programs. To maintain a high standard of learning and serve as a voice for the universal women. We take pride in the... More.

Latino Student Network at McIntire

The mission of the Latino Student Network at McIntire (LSN) is to form a network of Latino students, in which we can represent the voice of the Latino community at the Comm School. Through this organization we hope to provide our members with opportunities and solutions to different issues. We hope to strengthen and empower the Latino community at the Comm School so that they can be a support... More.

Leaders of Vital Education

Leaders of Vital Education (L.O.V.E.) aims to break down the social barriers that separate middle and high school students through interactive workshops, known as "challenge days," that stress love, unity, acceptance, and the breaking down of the harmful social structures that plague the American school system.

Legal Advisory Workshops for Undergraduate Students

LAW for US is a mentoring program for undergraduate students run by Law School students. The program matches law students with undergraduates who are interested in becoming attorneys. Mentors help mentees navigate each level of the process of preparing for law school admissions.

Legal Assistance Society

The Legal Assistance Society is dedicated to helping underprivileged people in Charlottesville and the surrounding area. LAS is an umbrella organization that provides funding and administrative support to UVA Law School volunteer groups. Through its six projects, the Domestic Violence Project, Legal Education Project, Migrant Farmworkers Project, the Native American Law Project, the... More.

Let's Lick Cancer

Let's Lick Cancer is a group committed to raising money for the Emily Couric Cancer. The bi-annual event will consist of local ice cream shops donating ice cream then having an entry fee for unlimited ice cream.

Livestrong Army

The LIVESTRONG Army is a community based "branch" of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and we are committed to helping get to those goals. The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) is committed to supporting the cancer fight and offering concrete ways for survivors to help make cancer a national priority. Join us and other cancer groups to end the suffering caused by cancer.

Lose the Shoes

Lose the Shoes is an annual, student-run 3 vs. 3 co-ed barefoot soccer tournament on the grounds of UVA. All proceeds from the event benefit Grassroot Soccer (GRS), an international 501(c)(3) non-profit that uses a unique activities-based curriculum in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Founded in 2002, GRS provides African children with the knowledge, skills and support to live HIV/AIDS free and has... More.

Lynch Syndrome Association

Lynch Syndrome Association is a group that provides information and support about the genetic disease, Lynch Syndrome. This is a rare genetic disorder that accounts for 3 to 7 percent of all instances of colon cancer in the United State, and also puts a person a high risk for other cancers. The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness about Lynch Syndrome's risk factors, causes, and... More.