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The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, and activism. Students self-select the public service category through the student organization registration process, and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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Dance Marathon at UVA

Each year, UVA students take on the challenge to stay on their feet for 15 consecutive hours for Dance Marathon - an event that raises money to benefit the Children's Miracle Network at the University of Virginia Children's Hospital. Since its inception, our event has raised over $500,000 for the Hospital. In addition to dancing the night away with the line dance, the rave and the greek dance... More.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

The Kappa Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated has served the Grounds of the University of Virginia since 1973, staying true to its goals of scholarship, sisterhood, and service.

Delta Upsilon (Virginia Chapter)

Delta Upsilon is located at 180 Rugby Road next to Beta Bridge. DU brothers are focused on friendship, philanthropy, and having a great time.

Diabetes Club atUVA

Diabetes Cluba t UVA aims: (1) to raise funds that will be donated to JDRF -fundraising will done by members of the Entrepreneurial Branch. Members will given the freedom to develop their own methods of fundraising and will inform members ofthe General Body of oppurtunities to provide ground support (2) to create support groups and advocate for diabetics on and off Grounds -events will be... More.

Domestic Violence Project

The Domestic Violence Project strives to address the problem of domestic violence both directly (through pro bono service) and indirectly (through educational efforts to raise awareness and understanding of the issue). DVP educates the law school community about issues of domestic violence through speakers, discussion panels, films, and other events. DVP volunteers also monitor domestic... More.

Down's Syndrome Alliance at UVA

Down syndrome Alliance at U.Va. is a recreation club for those UVA Students interested in advocating knowledge about Down syndrome and furthering the cause in the community by creating friendships with and enriching the lives of children and young adults who have Down syndrome, as well as with their families. In addition, we will host fundraising events throughout the year in order to plan... More.

Dream Corps International

Dream Corps at U.Va. is part of Dream Corps International. Our mission is to promote education equity in China through quality resources and sustained participation. We work to improve the learning and developing environment for underprivileged children in China and to foster their dreams, so that their lives are not held hostage to existing economic, educational, and technological divides. We... More.