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Leigh Ann Carver

group of students in the Women's Center with a dog in a circleThe Women’s Center is a place for UVA students to access a wide variety of resources and opportunities – to find what they need to thrive and to give back. Come see us on the Corner to access all of these features of the Women’s Center during our regular hours:

  • quiet and comfortable spaces for studying or meetings
  • meditation space
  • satellite location of the on-Grounds food pantry system
  • books that students can borrow or take
  • and more

We host regular drop-in sessions, too, with food and activities that provide a break from studying.

We offer free and flexible counseling, as well as digital resources to help you address the problems you’re facing. We’re here, as well, for those who have a friend or loved one in need and are looking for guidance on how to best support them. We have the tools and expertise to help you feel empowered in your life, or in helping others.

The Women’s Center serves students, the University as a whole, and the greater Charlottesville community. We do our best work when our team and the communities we actively serve are inclusive of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, ages, identities, ethnicities, and worldviews.

Get Involved

View of  the Women's Center building from University AvenueStudents who are interested in volunteering can contact us to receive additional information that enables them to help with the center’s events and outreach efforts.

The Women’s Center offers two types of year-long engaged scholarship programs that provide undergraduate students with opportunities to pair classroom study with practical work: our internship program and our community mentoring programs.

Our internship program is a selective program where students work on small teams guided by a staff mentor who shares their knowledge and experience in a particular area of the center’s work.

In our two community mentorship programs – the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) and the Men's Leadership Project (MLP) – undergraduate students take courses focused on adolescent development while also providing group-based and individual mentoring to middle school girls or boys in the local community.

Learn More

Group of people outside Women's CenterBrowse our website and feel free to contact us or stop by with questions. Sign up for our twice-a-month e-news, More or Less, to receive updates and reminders about what the Women’s Center offers. (Student leaders can also submit news from their CIOs to More or Less for inclusion in upcoming issues.) Follow the Women’s Center @uvawomenscenter.

What About Men?

Men are not only welcome at the Women’s Center, but an important part of our team. Everything we offer, from counseling services to internship and community mentoring opportunities, is available to EVERYONE, including men.

We get it. The name on the door can seem a bit daunting to anyone who doesn’t identify as a woman. Having ‘women’ in our name indicates the importance of working to address the gender inequities that trouble our society. But it isn’t only women who are affected by body image issues, whose lives are constrained by gender expectations, or who suffer the impact of sexual assault. Men are welcome at the Women’s Center as seekers of our services and as allies in our work to bring about gender justice on Grounds and across the world.


Leigh Ann Carver
About the Author: 

Leigh Ann Carver is the Program Director of Communications & Advancement at the Women’s Center. She leads the center's outreach efforts at UVA and keeps all who are involved with and support the center's work informed of its current programs and future plans.