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Meet the Student Affairs Fellows

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Student Affairs has welcomed four new fellows to various roles across the division. These recent graduates work to develop programs and support students in Multicultural Student Services, Orientation and New Student Programs, and Student Engagement. Learn more about the fellows and their motivations for returning to serve the University community.

Alisa Negrón, Multicultural Student Services

A photo of Alisa"I chose to work as a fellow in Student Affairs because I’m passionate about improving the student experience here at UVA," shares Alisa, one of two MSS fellows. Alisa graduated in May 2021 with a major in Biology and a minor in Spanish. "I was exposed to different aspects of Student Affairs last year as an RA and as a Familia Head with the Hispanic/Latinx Peer Mentoring Program, and I really appreciated and valued these involvements, which is why I decided to come back this year and work in Multicultural Student Services and further my contributions to historically underrepresented and marginalized communities at UVA."

Darynha Gnep, Orientation and New Student Programs

A photo of DarynhaDarynha graduated in May 2021 with a major in Youth and Social Innovation. His motivation to work in Student Affairs comes from "being able to pinpoint that the biggest area of growth that I saw within myself was always tied to being around people who made me ask myself 'Who am I?'. While I still cannot even begin to answer that question, the Student Affairs professionals that I've had the pleasure of working with when I was a student here laid the groundwork for that facet of self-discovery and personal development. I thought to myself, if that's a career in Student Affairs looks like, that is something that I will wake up everyday finding joy and meaning in."

Graysen Viar, Student Engagement

A photo of GraysonGraysen is a 2021 graduate with a dual degree in Cognitive Science and Studio Art. "During the course of undergrad, I worked as an intern in the Student Engagement office, where I currently reside for my fellowship. I loved the team and the work, so when this opportunity arose, I was eager to have another year with the department and to continue to learn more about the Student Affairs field. Further, I graduated a year early, so this position allows me to further my professional career while staying in Charlottesville with my classmates and friends."

Erik Patton-Sharpe, Multicultural Student Services

A headshot of EricErik graduated in spring 2020 with a major in African & African-American Studies and a minor in Religious Studies. "I chose to be a fellow for the simple fact that UVA gave me the tools needed for my personal and professional development, and I see this position as a way for me to give back to those who first gave to me. As a resource for the community, I cherish the ability to advise students during their formative years so that they leave the University wanting to return — just as I did."