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Introducing Hoos Involved: A New CIO Platform

Graysen Viar

About Hoos Involved

Over the past few years, Student Engagement has been listening to the concerns of our CIO officers and has been working to create a new place to ease their daily efforts. Thus, Hoos Involved was created. Hoos Involved, a name created and chosen by our students through a naming contest, is UVA’s newest CIO platform. Previously, Student Engagement used atUVA as our primary platform to manage our CIO activities and information, along with multiple other sites for aspects such as event planning, finances, communications, etc. What sets Hoos Involved apart is that the platform will streamline these previously disjointed processes all into one space. You can check out the platform now at virginia.presence.io.

Screenshot of the Organizations page of Hoos Involved portalWhat to Expect

After the official Hoos Involved launch, CIOs will be able to do renewals, event and space reservation, and funding requests/budgeting all through this site! Currently, the site can already handle event calendar submissions, creating forms, member contact services, membership statistics, and officer transition. Groups such as UPC have already started taking advantage of the event functions of Hoos Involved by tracking who attends their events and using this data to tailor their events to their audience.

How can service CIOs use Hoos Involved?

Hoos Involved allows students the opportunity to not only easily broadcast their events to a larger audience, but also to collect data on who attended so that organizations can use this data to adapt their projects going forward. Hoos Involved also allows for ease of contact with members, by having the ability to directly email all members simultaneously, which makes disseminating of information to active members much easier than processes like SYMPA. Finally, Hoos Involved's interface creates an easier navigation and allows groups to self-categorize their organization and let prospective members find them easier by sifting through relevant categories, rather than having to navigate spaces such as the activity fair.

Learn More

Hoos Involved was officially debuted this January at our spring CIO Town Hall, where officers of our CIOs gathered to learn more about this new site. This event was also used as a place to ask questions about the functioning of Hoos Involved, which have been answered and showcased on the Student Engagement Instagram. On the Student Engagement website, there is also a link to the recording of the first Town Hall session (passcode: M0w57dB=), where the current features of HoosInvolved are explained and demonstrated.

The Student Engagement team is excited to share the full extent of Hoos Involved this upcoming school year and Summer Orientation, but in the meantime, is hosting plenty of workshops to help navigate students through officer transitions, renewals, and general questions. Any student interested in participating in these events can head over to the Student Engagement Instagram or contact studentengagement@virginia.edu.


Graysen Viar
About the Author: 

Graysen Viar is a recent graduate of UVA, working as a Student Affairs Fellow for Student Engagement in the division of Student Affairs. She intends on pursuing her masters degree at Georgetown in the fall, but is spending her time currently practicing her professional skills and enjoying an in-person year with her friends around Charlottesville.