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Learning in Action at the University of Virginia


Learning in Action is the front door to public service at the University of Virginia, designed to connect students, faculty, and community partners to social entrepreneurship, community engagement, and co–curricular service opportunities. The initiative is a product of a multi-year collaborative process among students, faculty, staff, and community members. It lists events, opportunities, and organizations involved with service and community-based research, as well as resources that direct users to specific programs and offices based on individual interest. Community members and agencies also can post events and opportunities to the website and access all of its resources. Currently, the Community Service Committee of Student Council and Student Affairs Community Engagement are responsible for all content.


Cabell Hall with city buildings logoLearning in Action’s roots lie in a series of recommendations contained in two presidential reports, the Commission on Diversity and Equity Report (CODE) and the Commission on the Future of the University (COFU), for how public service and diversity should shape and inform the UVA student experience. Implementation of those recommendations was guided by the Public Service Advisory Board (PSAB), a group of students, faculty, staff, and community members charged by the executive vice provost for academic programs and the vice president and chief student affairs officer to advise that effort. A central recommendation for the PSAB’s 2009 report was the creation of a website that would function as the "front door" for the many opportunities for public service at the University and the communities of which it is a citizen, and which would provide a road map for both students and community members seeking opportunities to serve together.

The "Learning in Action" logo was designed by fourth-year Mariah Naegele in Spring 2017, as part of the Learning in Action Logo Design Contest