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Learning in Action, U.Va.

Learning in Action

Public Service at the University of Virginia


Any of the following groups may have a representative apply for funding:

  • Contracted Independent Organization (CIO)
  • Organization governed by the Fraternal Organization Agreement (FOA)
  • Special status organization
  • Residence Life group
  • Students enrolled in an academic course with a service-learning component
  • Individual students with qualifying projects

Please email if you do not fall into any of the above categories and are interested in applying for funding.

Please use our online application form to submit your application. You or a representative from your initiative may be asked to attend a PSPB meeting, although this is not always the case. Please follow up with if you have not heard about your application in two weeks' time.

The PSPB cannot provide funding for any of the following: awards, prizes, or gifts; alcohol or events with alcohol; revenue-generating events; or events that limit entrance or access. Your group may have to initially cover costs prior to reimbursement if you have been awarded funding.