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The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, and activism. Students self-select the public service category through the student organization registration process, and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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Cavalier Judo

Cavalier Judo Club promotes the practice and study of judo, a sport derived from jujutsu. The word "judo" means "the gentle way," referring to the way that judo uses an opponent's motion to throw them rather than overpowering them with force. Judo has two mottos: "maximum efficiency" and "mutual welfare." The practice of judo emphasizes breaking your opponent's balance in order to throw him... More.

Cavalier Production Company

CPC envisions developing a team of young, vibrant and creative students of different ages, from different schools and countries, working to making the web channel a success. Cavalier Production Company believes in community involvement and will dedicate a portion of its profits to established non-profit organizations that share our interest in community-based educational and social outreach.... More.

Cavalier Weather Service

The Cavalier Weather Service seeks to provide a meaningful and accurate daily weather forecast for the University community published by University students. The CWS further strives to give students an interactive experience in meteorology and offer educational opportunities with the guidance of environmental science department graduate students and faculty members.

Cavalier XFit

<p class="x_x_p1">Cavalier XFit is the University of Virginia's first fun functional fitness organization. By championing the principles and methodology&nbsp;of<strong>CrossFit Inc.</strong>, Cavalier XFit will help students achieve elite fitness levels and healthy living by utilizing evidence-based&nbsp;programming and nutrition. This organization will serve as a... More.

Cavs &amp; Panthers Mentorship and Enrichment Program

Cavs &amp; Panthers is a program that pairs university students with students at Red Hill Elementary in need of academic help for weekly tutoring and mentoring. The program also incorporates enrichment activities at Red Hill Elementary and field trips around the Charlottesville area to further develop realtionships between Red Hill students and UVa mentors.

CAVS and the Market

In a conversation with the city market manager, Ms. Anderegg-Maloy, she voiced the concern that the city market fails to attract the amount of students it should. The market serves as a center where the Charlottesville community gathers every week and supports local commerce, and we feel that students at the University (especially first years) have developed a sort of bubble, the horizons of... More.

Center for American English Language &amp; Culture

No description was found for this organization.

Center for Biomedical Ethics

No description was found for this organization.

Center for Children, Families, &amp; the Law

No description was found for this organization.

Center for Christian Study

No description was found for this organization.

Center for Global Health

No description was found for this organization.

Center for K-12 Education

No description was found for this organization.

Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry

No description was found for this organization.

Center for Oceans Law &amp; Policy

No description was found for this organization.

Center for Politics

No description was found for this organization.

Center for South Asian Studies

No description was found for this organization.

Center for Survey Research

No description was found for this organization.

Center for the Liberal Arts

No description was found for this organization.

Centers and Institutes

No description was found for this organization.

Chabad Jewish Heritage Student Association

The Chabad Jewish Heritage Student Association provides Jewish educational, cultural, social, and spiritual programs and resources for the students and community of the University of Virginia with the goal of creating an awareness of and appreciation for Jewish Heritage.

Challah for Hunger

Challah for Hunger is a national organization that<span style="font-size: small;"> raises money and awareness for hunger and disaster relief through the production and sale of challah bread by students on college campuses. We are creating a chapter at UVa through the Brody Jewish Center.&nbsp; Next year, a group of students will bake the challah at the BJC every Wednesday night and... More.

Chemistry LEAD Program

No description was found for this organization.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship is a group of believers who want to hear from our Father. We meet to worship, pray, and learn together about our relationship with God through both large and small group meetings. We are open to people in any spiritual state, questioning God for the first time or continuing a lifelong relationship. We want to learn as much as we want to share.

Chi Omega (Lambda Gamma Chapter)

Chi Omega Fraternity

Chi Phi (Alpha Chapter)

Since 1859, the men of the Alpha Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity have stood for truth, honor, and personal integrity at the University of Virginia. The brotherhood demonstrates its dedication to the University community through academic excellence, volunteer efforts, athletic involvement, and social engagements. From the time of recruitment to the Graduation processional walk down the Lawn,... More.

Child Advocacy Research &amp; Education

CARE is a service group that takes a legal approach to issues affecting children, including education, juvenile justice, foster care and immigration. Through partnerships with local and national children&rsquo;s law and advocacy organizations and CARE-generated projects, we assist in the direct representation of children and strive for broader systemic change through policy research and... More.

Child Development Center

No description was found for this organization.

Chinese Christian Fellowship

<strong>Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF) is:</strong><ul><li><strong>A community that seeks to both love its members as they are &amp; challenge them to grow in Christ</strong></li><li><strong>A group of friends who believe our relationships with God should change our relationships with each other</strong></li><li>... More.

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association (CSA), as one of the largest Asian American cultural organizations on grounds, seeks to promote awareness and appreciation for Chinese traditional and modern culture within the University community via a host of cultural and social events; designed to reach out to and bring together both native and ethnic Chinese as well as the non-Chinese populations of UVA.

Chinese Students and Scholars Society

The Chinese Students and Scholars Society (CSSS) at the University of Virginia consists mainly of UVa students, scholors and staffs from mainland China. People with different background are also greatly welcome to join us. CSSS at UVa is an organization dedicated to providing support and strengthening the kinship among our members. The organization is also dedicated to sharing the Chinese... More.