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The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, and activism. Students self-select the public service category through the student organization registration process, and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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W4UVA: The Amateur Radio and RF Communications Club

The purpose of the Amateur Radio and RF Communications Club is to promote interest in Amateur Radio and RF communications at the University of Virginia, as well as to provide public service and emergency communications to the University community.

Wahoo Wire

Wahoo Wire a student-run website/magazine focused on the world of sports with Virginia Athletics at its core. One of the only websites/magazines of its kind, Wahoo Wire is an outlet for aspiring sports journalists, writers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, business managers, and marketers at Virginia. The website is designed with the interests of Virginia students, alumnae, parents,... More.


The Wahooligans are a group of passionate soccer fans who believe in providing the UVA Men's Soccer team with an elevating and motivational atmosphere at both home and away games. During home games we serve to both enliven the home crowd and intimidate the away team by enthusiastically chanting our signature songs. We also organize trips to as many away games as possible, providing continual... More.


No description was found for this organization.

Warm Up America

Warm Up America is a national organization that knits and crochets afghans and distributes them to those in need. Students and volunteer groups knit or crochet 7"X9"  patches that are assembled into blankets and given out through Red Cross chapters, and to other smaller community organizations.This chapter donates the blankets to the local women's shelter.

Washington Literary Society and Debating Union

The Washington Society is a group of UVA students (and graduates) dedicated to the principles of free speech and debate. The preamble to our Constitution describes this somewhat more eloquently, as does the Society's motto: "Quam fluctus diversi, quam mari conjuncti" ("Though the waves are many, the sea is one.") To this end, we meet weekly in a semi-formal setting. Meetings are completely... More.

Webb-Maupin 2009-2010

No description was found for this organization.

Webb-Maupin 2010-2011

No description was found for this organization.

Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

No description was found for this organization.

Wesley Foundation

The Wesley Foundation is the United Methodist student fellowship at the University of Virginia, but we welcome people of all denominations. We have tons of great activities, including worship on Sundays at 5pm, free dinners every Thursday at 6, and various small groups. We are located across from Memorial Gym at the corner of Emmet Street and Lewis Mountain Road.

West Coast Wahoos at UVA Law

The West Coast Wahoos is an organization for students interested in legal<br /> markets on the West Coast. &nbsp;These students will have the opportunity to learn about prospective job opportunities and meet alumni and fellow students in&nbsp;these markets. &nbsp;Also, the organization will provide students who work on the West Coast with&nbsp;the opportunity to meet with... More.

White Ribbon Campaign at UVa

This group is a campaign to end intimate partner and gender based violence.&nbsp; We are working on on implementing mandatory bystander education as well as raising money for the UVA Women's Center. We strive to create a solidarity in the community against this violence. Take the pledge today to stop the violence and demand your rights.

William Minor Lile Moot Court Board

About 250 second-year students, competing in two-person teams, hone their oral argument skills in the annual William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition. Distinguished federal and state judges preside in the semifinal and final rounds. Winners receive a cash prize and their names are inscribed on a plaque located outside the three moot courtrooms. Teams of students chosen from among those... More.

Women for Women International at UVa

<div class="x_x_x_column"><span>Women all over the world are subject to injustice and violence unknown and unimaginable to many of us. Eighty percent of all those injured or killed in war are civilians. Of those, seventy-five percent are women and children. Women are targeted for rape and violence as a tool of war. They are often forced from their homes, lose husbands and children... More.

Women in Mathematics and Sciences

Our goals are to provide support and guidance for female mathematicians and scientists at the University of Virginia; to create awareness of issues affecting career development and success; to centralize resources available for career and personal development; and to promote service outside of the University community for young scientists.

Women's Business Forum at McIntire

<span style="color: #003366;">The <strong>Women's Business Forum at McIntire</strong> provides an open forum to discuss issues that are unique to gender and to explore the challenges faced in work and family relationships. The group is open to all students.</span>

Women's Center

No description was found for this organization.

Women's Club Basketball at UVA

Women's Club Basketball at UVa is a group of 12-15 talented players who are dedicated to the game and love to compete. Our schedule includes other club teams as well as Division II and III schools and nationally ranked junior colleges. We travel up and down the East Coast and in the past have made trips to Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas. &nbsp;In the Spring of 2011 we won the Regional... More.

Women's Club Lacrosse

The women's club lacrosse team was established to create a comfortable atmosphere among members of the team, while providing players with the opportunity to develop strong skills and to be competitive with other universities nationwide. While the team has enjoyed success throughout the years (winning various tournaments and being seeded in the national tournament), we are most proud of the... More.

Women's Club Soccer

Thanks for your interest in Club Soccer. The Womens Club Soccer team is the highest level of non-varsity soccer here at the University. Not as time-consuming as varsity yet more structured than intramurals, club soccer offers a medium between the two offering an organized, competitive, yet informal environment for girls to play. The self-coached team of around 20 girls practices three times a... More.

Women's Club Softball

The Women's Club Softball Team is a competitive fast-pitch softball team that plays against other collegiate club teams from all over the country. We primarily travel to colleges in Virginia and along the East Coast, including the Naval Academy, James Madison, and the University of Georgia; but have also traveled to schools such as the University of Colorado and Ohio State University. The team... More.

Women's Health Virginia

Women's Health Virginia will allow members to participate in providing grassroots input to WHV's main office about issues affecting college women's wellness in order to shape WHV's education and research programs. In additon, WHV will allow students to be involved in discussion groups or presentations involving other students and faculty. They could also plan events to raise awareness of women... More.

Women's Ice Hockey Club

A club team of female ice hockey players. Member of the DVCHC league, which also includes UPenn, Delaware, West Chester, Maryland and American. The team practices on Wednesday nights with games on the weekends. Home games and practices take place at the Charlottesville Ice Park on the Downtown Mall. The team won the league championship in the 2008-2009 season.&nbsp;<a href="http://www.... More.

Women's Leadership Development Program

The program is designed to encourage undergraduate women who demonstrate great potential to explore the wide range of leadership opportunities available to them at the University. Previous participants have found the program to be interesting, challenging, affirming, and helpful as they learned more about themselves and how they might make the most of their time at UVa.

Women's Place Midlife Health Center

No description was found for this organization.

Womens Teams

No description was found for this organization.

Womens Teams

No description was found for this organization.

Woody-Cauthen 2009-2010

No description was found for this organization.

Woody-Cauthen 2010-2011

No description was found for this organization.

Workers and Students United

The purpose and mission of this organization is to struggle for a living wage&nbsp;for those employed at UVa&nbsp;and to improve the University and Charlottesville communities&nbsp;by showing active solidarity with&nbsp;those working at the UVa in their struggles for social and economic justice.