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The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, and activism. Students self-select the public service category through the student organization registration process, and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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V Magazine

V Magazine is a student publication that focuses on fashion and culture at the University of Virginia, featuring students and organizations, as well as other events and topics of interest at and outside of UVA. V will discuss fashion, culture, and student life, and provide students opportunities to work with writing, photography, layout and business

Varsity Sports

No description was found for this organization.


Veritas ("truth" in Latin) is the literary arts magazine published annually by medical students of the University of Virginia. The mission of Veritas is to produce a publication that exhibits the explorations of medical students and residents into the humanitistic impulses that lead them to medicine, help them to respond to the learning of medicine and enrich the practice of medicine. We... More.

Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Student Association at The University of Virginia is dedicated to the general development of the student body. We strive to learn and maintain numerous aspects of the Vietnamese culture and traditions. In doing so, we hope to bring students with Vietnamese heritage and others who have interests in Vietnam together to create opportunities to have fun, assist each other, make life... More.

Vietnamese Students and Scholars Network

The purpose of the Vietnamese Student Network shall be to encourage the awareness of the authentic Vietnamese culture at University of Virginia’s community and promote UVA to students in Vietnam.

Violence & Community Center

No description was found for this organization.

Virginia 21 at the University of Virginia

This CIO aims to work to lobby on behalf of students in Richmond as well as increasing voter advocacy.

Virginia Acrobatics Club

No description was found for this organization.

Virginia Actuarial Club

The purpose of the Virginia Actuarial Club shall be to bring together a diverse and multi-cultural body of students to prepare for an actuarial career by providing members with a deeper understanding of the actuarial profession, by forming committees and resources to aid our members with each actuarial exam, and by providing opportunities in the actuarial field.

Virginia Advocate

The Virginia Advocate is a premier alternative publication at the University of Virginia and your source for relevant news.&nbsp;As a student periodical, we are dedicated to making the voice of the conservative movement heard on Grounds.<div class="x_x_mhl">Our mission is to provide a forum for news and discussion of events at UVa in a way that represents those members of the student... More.

Virginia Aero Design Team/Hoos Flying

Hoos Flying is a group that uses classroom knowledge to design, build, and fly a radio controlled airplane. The team participates in a competition held at the end of each academic year sponsored by a professional organization, such as AIAA or SAE. The competition defines different requirements for the airplane each year. At this competition, the airplane's performance is evaluated and a the... More.

Virginia Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team

VASST is a club sport that serves to provide male and female students with the opportunity to ski and snowboard in either a racing or free-riding environment twice a week at the nearby Wintergreen Ski resort. Skiers and snowboarders can be of all ability levels. Members may simply come to participate in the winter snow sports, or train and compete as racers in the South East Conference of the... More.

Virginia Ambassadors

The Virginia Ambassadors is the student arm of the Office of Admissions at the University of Virginia. &nbsp;Our main objective is to let University students have as many opportunities as possible to share their experiences with prospective students and their families.There are six programs within Virginia Ambassadors:Days on the Lawn: our biggest event in the Spring. &nbsp;3500+... More.

Virginia Animal Law Society

The Virginia Animal Law Society is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law.

Virginia Anthropology Society

The Anthropology Society is a soicety of undergraduate anthropology majors that wish to deepen their exposure to alternate worldviews. It is comprised of students involved in the wide-ranging discipline, including archaeologists, lingiusts and socio-culturalists. Our fundamental goal is for our members to interact with fellow anthropology enthusiasts and engage with topics of anthropology... More.

Virginia Atheists and Agnostics

The Virginia Atheists and Agnostics (VAA) aims to eliminate the stigma of Atheism at the University of Virginia, while sponsoring education events and fostering student dialogue on matters of faith, science, reason, and political issues regarding freedom of conscience and secular education. We encourage the membership of non-Atheists, especially Agnostics, Skeptics, Humanists and other... More.

Virginia Athletics Foundation

The Virginia Athletics Foundation,&nbsp;through its fund-raising efforts,&nbsp;strives to support a preeminent intercollegiate athletics program&nbsp;at the University of Virginia&nbsp;by providing student-athletes&nbsp;the opportunity to achieve&nbsp;academic and athletic excellence.’ÀÎŽÎè

Virginia Automotive Club

The purpose of this organization is to get together people who have a passion for automobiles. We will meet to talk about new developments in the automotive industry. We take trips to auto shows, race tracks, and automotive research facilities. We also go on cruises and trips to car dealerships. In essence, this club is for car nuts, and we will find a way to have fun. This is the only Car... More.

Virginia Baja Racing

Virginia Baja Racing SAE is group of undergraduate students at the University of Virginia who are passionate about automotive design and racing. We come together every year to design, build, and race an open-wheel offroad racecar inspired by the Class 1 Buggies competing in the Baja 1000. The year culminates in multiple International Baja competitions sponsored by the Society of Automotive... More.

Virginia Bass Fishing Team

The Virginia Bass Fishing Team is a Club at UVA dedicated to freshwater bass fishing for recreation and for competition.&nbsp; The team will organize fishing trips for recreation, as well as compete in the National Guard FLW College Fishing tour.&nbsp; The club will also promote wildlife and evironmental conservation efforts.<span>Although this organization has members who are... More.

Virginia Belles

The Virginia Belles are the oldest all-female a cappella group at the University of Virginia. The Belles were founded in 1977 by Katherine Mitchell, as a select group of the Virginia Women's Chorus. Today, the Belles perform a variety of songs-- pop, R&amp;B, country, spirituals, and many other types. They also sing for many different occasions including fundraising events on grounds,... More.

Virginia Biotechnology Association ’¢ŠäŒŠ—“ Chapter at UVA

<span class="x_x_Apple-style-span">The Virginia Biotechnology Association Chapter at UVA works to create a mentorship program between university students and local high schoolers to increase an interest in science.</span>

Virginia Center for Digital History

<span class="introduction">The Virginia Center for Digital History (VCDH)</span>&nbsp;is an independent center within the&nbsp;<a title="The College of Arts and Sciences Home Page" href="">College of Arts and Sciences</a>&nbsp;at the<a title="The University of Virginia Home Page" href="">... More.

Virginia Chess Club

The Chess Club at the University of Virginia. We are mostly a social group whose goal is to promote chess amongst members of the UVa community. We hold weekly meetings devoted mostly to playing chess, and we attend some tournaments throughout the year (both local and broader regional tournaments).As of late, we are setting up a volunteering effort to work with children at local elementary... More.

Virginia Climbing Team

We are a competitve and recreational rock climbing team.&nbsp;Our mission is to create a group environment rock climbing and especially in competitive training. Virginia Climbing will help to provide its members with access to indoor and outdoor rock climbing training facilities and attend rock climbing competitions. We will compete as a team&nbsp;in the Collegiate Climbing Series and... More.

Virginia Club Badminton

Interested in playing badminton? Virginia Badminton Club (VCB) brings players from diverse backgrounds and various skill levels together on the court to enjoy this fast-paced game. VCB holds open practice at Slaughter Gym regularly over the weekend. Whether you want to improve your skills and work towards competitive play in our traveling club team or just explore another enjoyable form of... More.

Virginia Club Field Hockey

The Virginia Club Field Hockey team, established in 1991, provides a highly competitive level of play for both males and females, while requiring a lesser time commitment than a varsity squad. The aim of this sport is to foster a team atmosphere while promoting the sport of field hockey at the University of Virginia. The team travels regularly to various colleges and universities along the... More.

Virginia Club Table Tennis

Virginia Club Table Tennis strives to provide an opportunity for members of the University community to practice and play recreational and competitive table tennis throughout the year. The club organizes&nbsp; table tennis-related events to foster an appreciation and awareness of the sport. Anyone with an interest in table tennis is welcome to join.

Virginia Club Tennis

Virginia&nbsp;Club Tennis brings together advanced and intermediate players at the University of Virginia who wish to continue to play tennis actively at a competitive level. Practices are held three times weekly and matches against other colleges and universities around the state and nation are planned on weekends.

Virginia Competitive Cheerleading

Virginia Competitive Cheerleading provides the opportunity for any University of Virginia student to develop and enhance his or her athletic abilities while pursuing an interest in competitive cheerleading. Tryouts are held in the late Spring and early fall and members participate in year-round mandatory practices. Routines consist of stunting, tumbling, a dance sequence and a cheer. The team... More.