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Public Service at the University of Virginia

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The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, and activism. Students self-select the public service category through the student organization registration process, and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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U.Va. Art Museum

No description was found for this organization.

U.Va. Cancer Center

No description was found for this organization.

U.Va. Children's Medical Center

No description was found for this organization.

U.Va. College at Wise

A public, four-year residential college located in the lush mountains of southwestern Virginia, The University of Virginia's College at Wise is recognized as one of the top public liberal arts colleges in the nation. The only branch campus of the University of Virginia, UVa-Wise was founded in 1954 and currently enrolls 1,900 students.’ÀÎŽÎè

U.Va. Health System

No description was found for this organization.

U.Va. Medical Center

No description was found for this organization.

U.Va. Mindfulness Center

No description was found for this organization.

U.Va. Press

’ÀÎŽÎè<table width="484" border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="0"><tbody><tr><td><h2>About the Press</h2></td></tr><tr><td>THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA PRESS was founded in 1963 to advance the intellectual interests not only of the&nbsp;<a href="">University of Virginia</a>, but of institutions... More.

Undergraduate Babysitters

Undergraduate Babysitters is a student-run volunteer organization that matches undergraduate students with full-time UVA students with children (undergraduate or graduate).&nbsp; Volunteers provide a few free hours of babysitting a week (usually between 2 and 5) to the student-parents, to provide them time to run errands, study, etc.

Undergraduate Research Network

The Undergraduate Research Network (URN) was formed in 2001 to foster an undergraduate research community here at UVa. Now in its 11th year of existence, URN continues to promote undergraduate research. In particular, URN hopes to: 1) Encourage students to initiate research projects. 2) Present information about current research opportunities. 3) Increase the visibility of undergraduate... More.

Unite for Sight

Unite For Sight, Inc., a member of the National Healthy Vision 2010 Consortium, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works nationally and internationally to develop sustainable solutions to reduce health disparities. Unite for Sight also collects used eyeglasses to donate to eye clinics in developing countries.

United Nations Children's Fund at UVA

The United Nations Children's Fund at the University of Virginia is an organization for those interested in the welfare and rights of children and their betterment under affiliate status of the United States Fund for UNICEF. The mission of UNICEF at UVA is to raise funds for international and local child survival projects funded by the US Fund, to educate and address the rights of children in... More.

United Nations Women at UVA

The United Nations Women USNC at the University of Virginia aims to increase awareness of UN Women&rsquo;s community service programs in the United States that benefit underprivileged, oppressed women worldwide. It works to give more authority to women by helping improve women's economic security and social rights, abate violence against women, reduce HIV/AIDS amongst women, and give them... More.

United Sisters

United Sisters (US) is a group of African American women committed to uplifting each other and young black females to prepare them to take on leadership roles in the African-American community. On-grounds US will have weekly discussions and activities on various issues facing black women at UVa and elsewhere. The women of US will also serve as mentors to young black women at Charlottesville... More.

University Board of Elections

The UBE was established in the Fall of 2003 to further the aims of student self-governance within a community of trust and honor and to supervise all University-wide student elections. These include elections for organizations such as Student Council, the Honor Committee, the Judiciary Committee, and School Councils. The UBE is responsible for setting the semesterly elections calendar and for... More.

University Career Services

The mission of University Career Services (UCS) is to provide guidance and resources to a diverse student body for the achievement of students' career-related goals.’ÀÎŽÎè

University Dance Club

UDC provides the opportunity for any University of Virginia student to "dance for the love of dance" in a noncompetitive, relaxed environment and to offer members the chance to perform for an audience.

University Democrats

The University Democrats at the University of Virginia serve as the arm <br /> of the Democratic Party here at UVa. Through campaigning and <br /> educational programs, we seek to inform students and the community about<br /> the values of the Decratic Party. Furthermore, UDems is committed to<br /> service and holds annual events aimed at aiding the Charlottesville... More.

University Guide Service

The Guide Service is a student-run, volunteer organization which gives daily historical and admissions tours.&nbsp; Historical tours are offered daily at 10, 11, 2, 3 and 4.&nbsp; Admissions tours leave Monday-Saturday at 11 and 2; Sunday Admissions tours are offered at 11 am.In addition, The Guide Service, as the primary keeper of the University's History, provides a number of... More.

University Historical Society at the University of Virginia

&Atilde;?&Acirc;The mission or purpose of the organization shall be to promote the study of History at the University of Virginia, to showcase the rich history of the University of Virginia, the surrounding area, and the United States, and to provide meaningful opportunities to students and community members interested in the study of History. The organization shall also facilitate... More.

University Judiciary Committee

The University Judiciary Committee (UJC) is the central governing and operating body of the University Judicial System, and is authorized to investigate and adjudicate alleged violations of the University's Standards of Conduct. The UJC consists of twenty-three Representatives elected from the eleven undergraduate and graduate schools of the University for one-year terms beginning April 1.... More.

University Lacrosse LLC

By bringing ULAX to the University of Virginia, we hope to provide another outlet for the many lacrosse players at the University of Virginia outside of the Men's Division 1 Varsity team and the Men's Club Lacrosse team. ULAX will allow any student who has the proper protective lacrosse equipment to participate in a competitive league against other talented players at the school. Students will... More.

University Mediation Services

University Mediation Services was founded in 1996 to provide the students and community of the University of Virginia an alternative form of conflict resolution and to educate the community about the advantages and tools of the mediation process. It is a student-run organization that provides&nbsp;conflict resolution&nbsp;services to the University community, as long as one of the... More.

University of Virginia

No description was found for this organization.

University of Virginia Engineering Foundation

No description was found for this organization.

University of Virginia Foundation

No description was found for this organization.

University of Virginia Health Foundation

No description was found for this organization.

University of Virginia Investment Management Company

No description was found for this organization.

University Programs Council

UPC is the student-run programming board that provides students and other members of the University and Charlottesville communities with a wide variety of entertaining and educational activities and events. UPC's funding includes a portion of student fee monies and revenue from ticket sales. UPC is comprised of 4executive officers,&nbsp;9 committee directors, and hundreds of committee... More.

University Salsa Club

The University Salsa Club is the oldest latin dance club at UVA. It is open to everyone interested in learning, dancing, and even performing cha cha, merengue, bachata, and especially SALSA!Feel free to contact us if you know a way that we can spread the salsa spirit - if you are interested in joining the club or inviting Salsa Club to teach a short lesson or perform a dance piece for your... More.