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The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national, and international community service activities, fundraising, and activism. Students self-select the public service category through the student organization registration process, and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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Dance Committee

The Dance Resource Center was created by members of Dance Committee. Originally founded as the Campaign for Dance, Dance Committee has helped to initiate, promote, and expand the University's dance program. Now that a dance minor has been established in the Drama Department, the main mission of Dance Committee is to support and advocate the further development of the Dance Program at the... More.

Dance Marathon at UVA

Each year UVa students take on the challenge to stay  on their feet for 15 consecutive hours for Dance Marathon – an event that raises money to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital. Since its inception, our event has raised over $500,000 for the Hospital. In addition to dancing the night away with the... More.

Daniel Hale Williams Pre-Medical Honor Society

Daniel Hale Williams was the first African-American Cardiologist, and the first person in the United States to perform a succesful open heart surgery. He was also the founder of Provident Hospital, which was the first non-segregated hospital in the United States.The mission of the Daniel Hale Williams Pre-Medical Honor Society (DHW) is to increase the number of culturally capable and sensitive... More.

Darden African Business Organization

The mission of DABO is to contribute to the learning environment, diversity and global leadership initiative at Darden by serving as a medium for students and faculty to learn more about African business, economies, politics and culture.

Darden Business and Public Policy Club

Summary: The Darden Business and Public Policy Club is a unique organization that brings together students from the Darden School of Business and That Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy to discuess and debate solutions to pressing social issues through partnerships between business and government.Official Mission Statement: The mission of the Business &... More.

Darden Business Design Club

The Darden Business Design Club exists to foster a community around, promote the ideals of, and encourage career paths that incorporate design methodologies in leading organizations, solving business challenges, and facilitating innovation. The central idea behind the club is a strategic growth toolkit often referred to as “design thinking.” It is a way of making real world... More.

Darden Christian Fellowship

The Darden Christian Fellowship</em> (DCF) is a non-denominational Christian organization that exists to serve the Darden community and to explore the intersection of business and faith in Jesus Christ.&nbsp; We do this by providing weekly opportunities for students, partners, faculty and staff to be mutually encouraged through Christian teaching, prayer and Bible study.

Darden Emerging Markets Development Club

The mission of the Darden Emerging Markets Development Club is to connect students interested in international business development and social enterprise to relevant resources, networks, and career and learning opportunities.&nbsp; A secondary mission is to raise the profile of the Darden School in the international development field at large.

Darden Energy Club

It is the mission of the Darden Energy Club to assist the Darden student body in gathering information about and facilitating employment in energy-related companies.<br /> <br /> Following from this Mission Statement, the Darden Energy Club has set the following list of objectives:<ul><li>To promote, organize and host an annual speaker panels focused on issues related... More.

Darden Finance Club

The Darden Finance Club serves the Darden MBA community as a comprehensive professional, social and educational organization focused on all areas of finance. As the largest student organization at Darden, the DFC is the principal resource for students with professional ambitions in the world of finance. Our primary goal is to supplement the pedagogical Darden experience and the Career... More.

Darden Gavaliers

Darden Gaveliers affords members in the Darden community the opportunity to improve public speaking and leadership skills in a fun, educational, and supportive environment.

Darden General Management Operations Club

The General Management and Operations Club encompasses the entire spectrum of learning at Darden. The Club provides its members the chance to interact with people from a wide variety of industries, countries, and leadership backgrounds with one goal in mind: To create future business leaders. Combined with the broad general management curriculum at Darden, the club provides a link between the... More.

Darden Health Care Club

A student run organization dedicated to promoting awareness of issues and opportunities in health related fields.&nbsp; HCC achieves its mission by closely partnering with both academia and industry to: 1) sponsor education and speaker programs focused on all aspects of the health care industry; 2) provide information about &amp; access to diverse career opportunities in health care; 3... More.

Darden Jewish Students Association

Open to all students of any background, the DJSA aims to provide social opportunities for students and the broader Darden and UVa Community.We serve as a liaison among Darden students, faculty and&nbsp;prospective students&nbsp;with local organizations to enhance the Jewish experience in Charlottesville for our members.

Darden Latter-day Saints Student Association

The Darden LDS Student Association (Darden LDSSA) is a club to help members of the Darden community (students, faculty and families) to maintain balance between their professional, personal and spiritual lives and live consistently with the teachings of Jesus Christ.&nbsp; Darden LDSSA exists to represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons) within the Darden... More.

Darden Military Association

The Darden Military Association (DMA) exists to assist members in leveraging former and current military experiences to enhance career opportunities within the private sector, build esprit de corps and camaraderie within the Darden Community and host lively leisure events. DMA is open to all members (both current and former) of U.S. and foreign militaries, their partners and any individual who... More.

Darden Private Equity Club

No description was found for this organization.

Darden Real Estate Club

The mission of the Darden Real Estate Club is to educate its members of current real estate practices and issues as well as improve the awareness the real estate industry has about the Darden School. The Club also serves as a networking opportunity to learn about real estate and to find employment opportunities. The Club hosts several real estate speakers and panels at Darden each year and is... More.

Darden Rugby Football Club

The Darden Rugby Club is a place where experienced players can continue to grow their passion for the sport and new enthusiasts can learn to love rugby for life. The Darden Rugby Club will organize training sessions as well as friendly matches on a regular basis, and will be guided inside and outside the field by the key values of rugby: sportsmanship, team spirit and fun.

Darden School Foundation

No description was found for this organization.

Darden School of Business

No description was found for this organization.

Darden School Organizations

Darden&rsquo;s numerous student organizations provide personal, social, professional, and academic support to students, as well as service to the local community.

Darden Soccer Club

The D Soccer Club will schedule regular pick-up games and sponsor teams from the Darden School of Business to compete in MBA soccer tournaments around the country.

Darden South Asia Society

<p style="margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-left: 0px; padding: 0px;" align="justify">The mission of the Darden South Asia Society (DSAS) is to make the Darden brand stronger in the South Asian region. DSAS seeks to bring together members of Darden School of Business who are interested in living or working in South Asia post-Darden or at some point in their... More.

Darden Student Association

DSA is a group of 15 students, elected by their classmates as a representative body, who advocate on behalf of clubs and individuals representing the interests, concerns, and desires of the student body.<strong>Our Mission:</strong> to serve the interests, needs, and concerns of Darden students and student organizations.<strong>Goal:</strong> to make the Darden... More.

Darden Technology Club

The Darden Technology Club provides a forum for students interested in working in technology-intensive fields and students interested in understanding the role and opportunities that technology creates for improving the performance of organizations of all types. The club sponsors discussions and workshops on a variety of technology related topics throughout the year. The club also works to... More.

Darden Wine and Cuisine Club

The Wine and Cuisine Club at Darden seeks to educate members about a broad range of cuisine and beverages including beer, wine, and spirits. We help to facilitate the responsible enjoyment of food and drink through socially and culturally engaging events.&nbsp; Finally, we look to promote industry interaction and career development within these targeted areas.

Daring Explorers of Creative and Alternative Foods

DECAF exists in order to allow people to experience the way other people with different dietary restrictions may eat and drink.&nbsp; Members will experiment with cooking, sampling, and shopping for these alternative and creative foods.&nbsp; Examples of alternative dietary choices may include, but are not limited to, vegetarianism, veganism, food allergies, locavism, and religious... More.

Dead Poets Society

No description was found for this organization.

Deafness Education &amp; Awareness For Students Club

DEAFS is a student organization that aims to raise awareness of Deaf culture and American Sign Language (ASL).&nbsp; We also seek to provide support for ASL students.