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Kilimanjaro Institute of Technology

The Kilimanjaro Institute of Technology (KIT) in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa, is linked with over 100 vocational centers that aim to enable Tanzanian youths to become leaders in their fields and feature prominently in the current globalization. A key necessity for students wanting to learn how to adapt to the ever-evolving technological world is to be exposed to Western cultures and developments. This is an opportunity for students to be involved with KIT's efforts to help strengthen East Africans' occupational skills all while experiencing an authentic, vibrant culture in the serene, safe town of Moshi, home to the World's highest free standing mountain and lush with tropical vegetation, waterfalls, and expansive coffee plantations.

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Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa

Opportunity Type: 
Volunteer Opportunity
Contact Name: 
Maureen OReilly